Wednesday 15 July 2020

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It's "Grim up North" - Or is it really "Gods own Country?"

An increasing number of our appointments have been candidates relocating from the South to Yorkshire in the North of England.


  • Leeds has recently received the accolade of Britain's Best City for Business (OMIS research). With over 4.9 billion pounds worth of projects under construction and at design stage in Leeds alone and with Sheffield receiving the highest level of funding assistance anywhere in Europe of inward investors there are excellent career opportunities to join the area's leading Architectural Practices.
  • 15 minutes outside of any of Yorkshire's premier cities you will find some of the most beautiful countryside UK wide. Two thirds of the Leeds district alone is covered by greenbelt land. Sheffield is known as Britains's greenest city containing 150 woodlands and 50 public parks with a third of the city making up the Peak National Park.
  • Yorkshire provides the perfect balance between life and work. Leeds city centre has been dubbed the Knightsbridge of the North with Sheffield city centre currently undergoing major redevelopment, through key projects such as the new retail quarter and the E campus, a high technology business park.
  • The cost of living in Yorkshire compared to the South is extremely appealing. Whilst salary levels in London are on average 18% higher than Leeds the cost of an average family home is an astounding 46% more leaving you with far less disposable income.

If you are evaluating your future and relocation is a real consideration we would be more than happy to talk to you as local experts. We can provide an accurate insight into the organisations in your sector, their work and cultures as well providing information on job opportunities that meet your own ideals.

We can even offer impartial advice on the property market in England's largest County. We have established a rapport with selected Estate Agencies who are ready to help you with your move. Please click on their logos to access their website.

Relocation is a major project as it involves two of the most prominent stress related situations, new jobs and moving house. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to help ease the pressure wherever possible.

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