Wednesday 15 July 2020

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In our experience, some of the most successful Recruitment Consultants in our sector have come from a Construction background. We are always interested in talking to self motivated people interested in recruitment.


Maybe you have lost your drive in your current position. You might have left College or University to go directly into your chosen profession and thought "is this really for me?" You want to use your experience and knowledge but in a different environment.


We can teach you about the recruitment industry but equally as important you will already have hands on knowledge and experience in Construction and possibly directly from the sector in which you could be specialising in. This gives you an immediate advantage as it will create "credibility" with Clients and Candidates.


Recruitment is a customer focused role in which you develop relationships with Clients, looking to recruit additional staff, and with Candidates who are seeking their next career move.

You need to be naturally self-disciplined and motivated as you are essentially running a business which comes with its own unique pressure. If you aren't driving it forwards, no matter what, it will go backwards and as with any business this can be the difference between success and failure.

Success in recruitment provides great opportunities. Away from the excellent earning potential you will also enjoy the autonomy and control that comes with the daily management of a business. There are few careers in which you yourself have direct control over your own earning potential and where you can develop your skill sets in such a wide variety of areas.


Recruitment isn't easy, especially in the current climate. If you want to talk "frankly" about Recruitment Consultancy contact Matthew Roberts on:

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